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THC – LCT is a new top line of Point Source systems referring to the best possible musical experience – high-quality reproduction of sound with accurate frequency and phase response.

The very best performance of LCT models is more than just a matter of plug and play. The individual components claim extraordinary performance of the systems. Especially for the audiophiles and music enthusiasts we use high-end horns – with increased resonance freedom and with minimal amounts of reflection, diffraction and wave interference. Our absolute unwillingness to make compromises in the manufacturing process also signifies the best selection of studio quality power amplifiers and processor controllers with FIR filters. Perfect linear phase is achieved with our own developed finite impulse response filters. In order to fulfill our highest acoustic demands we use custom loudspeakers and drivers for outstanding achievements in acoustics. Last but not least is THC – LCT’s unique design. We offer veneer and color customization according to your personal preferences.

Experience the crystal clear sound with THC – LCT systems line!